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With a favorable geographical position, abundant natural resources, synchronous infrastructure and friendly administration, in recent years, Thai Nguyen has attracted many domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in business in the province, making an important contribution to the socio-economic development of the province, especially in terms of economic growth and exports:

Thai Nguyen- Convergrence of domestic and external economic groups

With favorable geographical position, rich natural resources, synchronous infrastructure and friendly administration, Thai Nguyen has attracted many domestic and foreign economic groups in recent years to create the highlight of the whole country's economic growth and exports:

1. Multinational Group – Samsung 

- Investment project: Samsung Thai Nguyen Hi-tech Complex in Yen Binh Industrial Zone, Pho Yen Town, Thai Nguyen Province
- Registered capital: USD 6.35 billion
- Implemented capital: USD 6.34 billion
- Employers: Over 80,000 people
It has attracted a total of 92 Korean FDI enterprises and Thai Nguyen enterprises to participate in supplying and supporting Samsung.


2. Masan Group ( Nui Phao Project)


- Investment project: Nui Phao mining and mineral processing project in Dai Tu District, Thai Nguyen Province
- Registered capital: VND 10,000 billion
- Copper smelting plant: Capacity of 12,500 tons of copper/year
- Employers: over 2,000 people


3. Yen Binh Investment and Development Joint Stock Company


- Investment fields: Building and trading industrial park infrastructure, investing in urban infrastructure; clean water supply for daily life and production
- Registered capital: Over VND 5,000 billion



4. Vingroup Corporation



- Investment project: Residential complex combining trade and services in Thai Nguyen City

- Registered capital: Over VND 508 billion

- Implemented capital: VND 508 billion


5.TNG Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company



- Names of projects that have been and are being invested: TNG Garment Factory Branches of Viet Duc, Viet Thai, Song Cong, Phu Binh, Dai Tu, Vo Nhai, Dong Hy and TNG Fashion Design Center; Industrial clusters in Thai Nguyen City and Vo Nhai District; Nui Coc Lake Resort
- Registered capital: Over VND 8,000 billion
- Implemented capital: VND 1,075 billion



6. Tan Hoang Minh Group

- Investment project: Yen Binh concentrated information technology park project

- Scale: 200ha

- Total investment capital: VND 2,900 billion




7. Saigon Telecom Technology Joint Stock Company (SaigonTel)

- Investing in 03 industrial clusters of Tan Phu 1, Tan Phu 2 and Luong Son

- Loacation: Song Cong City, Pho Yen Town

- Scale: VND 1,200 billion




8. Flamingo Group

- Investing in Nui Coc Lake five-star resort

- Location: Tan Thai Commune, Dai Tu District

- Scale: 22.6ha; VND 2,500 billion




9. Danko Group Joint Stock Company

- Investing in Danko City

- Location: Thai Nguyen City

- Scale: 50ha




10. Commercial Center and Supermarket GO


- Location: Thai Nguyen City


- Scale: 1.2ha; VND 540 billion




11. Thai Hung Trading Joint Stock Company


- Investing in Gia Sang residential and school service complex
- Location: Thai Nguyen City

- Scale: 34.19 ha; VND 2,134 billion




12. Mani Ha Noi Co, Ltd.


- Investing in Mani Thai Nguyen medical equipment factory
- Location: Song Cong City
- Scale: 6ha; USD 15 million



13. Glonics

- Investing in an electronic component producing factory 
- Location: Phu Xa Commune, Tan Lap Ward, Thai Nguyen City
- Scale: 6ha, USD 10 million



14. An Khanh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company 

- Investing in An Khanh Thermal Power Factory
- Location: An Khanh Commune, Dai Tu District
- Scale: Over VND 4,300 billion



15. Sunny Opotech Viet Nam Company Limited

- Investing in a factory to manufacture, process and assemble camera modules in Yen Binh Industrial Park (Pho Yen Town)

- Scale: Period I: USD 70 million; Period II: USD 260 million expansion



16. Trina Solar Energy Development Company Limited

- Investing in Trina Solar energy development factory 
- Scale: 16.25ha; USD 200 million
- Location: Yen Binh Insdustrial Park



17. DBG Technology (Viet Nam) Company Limited

- Investing in DBG electronic component producing factory 
- Scale: 20ha; USD 80 million
- Location: Yen Binh Industrial Park







18. Leading commercial banks in Viet Nam

26 joint stock commercial banks are branched in Thai Nguyen, including leading names, such as: Vietcombank, ViettinBank, Agribank, Techcombank, BIDV, and MB, etc. with 107 transaction offices across the province; 01 branch of Bac Kan - Thai Nguyen Development Bank. They all ensure financial sources and payment services for investors in production and business.








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