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Tax incentives

25-05-2018 08:35

According to Decree 218/2013 / ND-CP dated 26/12/2013 (applicable to enterprises' income from implementing new investment projects)

a) Corporate income tax rate

Incentives duration Tax rate level Scope and applied subjects 
Full operation period (no more than 50 years) 10% - Investment projects in the field of socialization, education - training, vocational training, health, culture, sports and environment, judicial assessment
- Growing, caring and protecting forests; Cultivating agricultural, forest and aquatic products in disadvantaged socio-economic regions; production, multiplication and hybridization of plant varieties and animal breeds; preservation of post-harvest agricultural products, ...
15 10% - Investment projects in socio-economically impoverished areas: Vo Nhai, Dinh Hoa districts
- Field of scientific research and technological development: to apply hi-tech items on the list of prioritized hi-tech technologies for development investment according to the provisions of the High Technology Law; High-tech nursery, high-tech enterprise incubation; venture capital for hi-tech development on the list of prioritized high technologies  for development according to the provisions of Law on High Technologies; Investments in the construction and trading of hi-tech incubators and hi-tech enterprise incubators; Investments in the development of water plants, power plants, water supply and drainage systems; bridge, road, railway; airport, seaport, river port; airports, train stations; Production of composite materials, light construction materials and rare and precious materials; Production of renewable energy, clean energy, energy from waste disposal; development of biotechnology
10 17% - Income from new investment projects implemented in socio-economically disadvantaged areas: Pho Yen town, Phu Binh, Dai Tu, Phu Luong, Dong Hy district, and industrial parks
- Manufacture of high-grade steel; production of energy-saving products; production of machinery and equipment for agricultural, forestry and fishery production; production of irrigation equipment; production and refining of animal and poultry feeds, and aquatic products; traditional industry development
Expiry date 20%  


b) Enterprise income tax

Tax exemption
Reduction Scope and applied subjects
Level of reduction Duration
04 50% 09 - Investment projects in socio-economically impoverished areas ( Vo Nhai, Dinh Hoa districts) and Hi-tech industrial zones
- Investment projects in socio-economically disadvantaged areas: Pho Yen town, Dai Tu, Phu Luong, Dong Hy and Phu Binh district
04 50% 05 Projects in the field of investment socialization in areas not listed as socio-economically impoverished or disadvantaged areas and industrial parks.
02 50% 04 - New investment projects in socio-economically impoverished or disadvantaged areas 
- Implement new investment projects in industrial zones
- Investment projects in the production and refining of animal and poultry feeds, and aquatic products; development of traditional professions, ...


c) Import and export tax incentives
Imported commodities are exempt from tax to create fixed assets of the project. Raw materials, supplies and components not produced yet at home and imported to serve project’s needs are eligible for a 5 – year import tax exemption from the commencement of production. (in accordance with clauses 6 and 14,  Article 12 of Decree 87/2010 / ND-CP detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Export Tax and Import Tax)

d) Incentives for personal income tax:
50% reduction of personal income tax on taxpayers including Vietnamese and foreigners working in economic zones (Clause 5, Article 16 of Decree No. 29/2008 / ND- CP).




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