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Investment incentives in other fields

25-05-2018 07:55

1.The policy that encourages enterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas

Name of the support policy

Main content

Only major contents stated, so consideration is needed and details are in the attached Government's Decree No. 57/2018 / ND-CP dated 17 April, 2018 on mechanisms and policies to encourage enterprises to invest on agriculture and rural areas)

Land use fee exemption  Fee exemptions are given to land use and transfer of land use purpose used to construct housing for workers working in the project.
Exemption of State’ land and water surface rents Exemption of land rent is applied to special incentive projects; exemption of land rent is applied for the first 15 years, and reduced by 50% in 07 subsequent years for investment incentive projects; Exemption of land rent is applied for the first 11 years, and reduced by 50% for the next 05 years for projects that encourage investment.
Support for land consolidation Individuals and households contribute capital by using land use rights to form raw material areas and do not have to switch to land lease. The State supports the construction of infrastructure of material areas at the rate of VND 50 million / ha but less than VND 10 billion / project and does not have to switch to land lease.
During the land lease cycle, the State does not adjust the land use planning and plans, which affects the project. Unless the State recovers land for purposes of security and national defense, national interests, socio-economic development, etc. in accordance with the Land Law.
When the project leases land from households or individuals, the State shall provide 20% of the land rent for the first five years in case of special incentive projects.
Credit access and support Local budgets support commercial lending interest rates after the project is completed.
Support level equals to the difference between the commercial lending interest rate and the State’s credit interest rate for investment preferences.
Time is counted from the date of disbursement under credit contracts with commercial banks, up to 08 years for special preferential projects; 06 years for preferential projects; 05 years for projects encouraged
Limit: Up to 70%
Researching, transferring technology, applying high technology 1. Funding to help conducts of scientific research, technology licensing, research results ... Support level: 80% of the budget, but maximum VND 300 million  / topic/ copyright / technology.
2. Support for trial production with the level of support: 70% of fund for performance of tasks for special incentive projects; 50% for incentive and encouraged projects, up to VND 01 billion .
3. Enterprises allotted the full ownership of the results of scientific research and technological development after the scientific and technological tasks are accepted and prioritized for the deployment of scientific and technological products:
4. The project on plant breeding by tissue culture technology shall be entitled to 80% of the funding for investment in the construction of infrastructures
5. Projects on producing plant seeds, livestock breeds, aquatic breeds and piloting crops of high economic value approved by the provincial People's Committees shall be granted up to 70% of expenses for infrastructure construction, equipment and environmental treatment, seedlings but not more than VND 03  billion / project.
6. Enterprises investing in hi-tech agricultural zones, regions and projects shall be supported with a maximum of VND 300 million/ ha for the construction of infrastructure, equipment and environmental treatment.
Supporting human resources training and market development 1. The state budget shall provide vocational training support for laborers with the support level of VND 2 million / month / labor and the support duration is 03 months: a support level of 50% of advertising costs, branding national and provincial flagship products; 50% of the cost of participating in the fair.
2. A business that builds and manages a website "National Agricultural Product Market" is supported.
3. Enterprises shall be entitled to take the initiative in purchasing agricultural raw materials from farming and cultivation for inclusion in preservation and processing according to the enterprise's standards.
- For agricultural products freely circulated on the market, the State agencies must not have administrative procedures for certification of origin of raw materials and other administrative procedures which often create difficulties for the exploitation, transporting, consuming or exporting agricultural products, except for cases related to national security and epidemics to public health as provided for in a certain specialized law.
 Investment support for firms of preservation and processing of agricultural products; slaughtering cattle and poultry; manufacture of  equipment, components and agricultural machines; production auxiliary products with following levels  - Processing firms of agricultural products, cattle and poultry slaughters: 60 percent of investment cost  and no more than VND 15 billion/ project to build infrastructure about waste treatment, traffic and electricity, water, the workshop and device purchase in the project’s fence.
- Mechanical plants that produce components,  agricultural machine and manufactures of auxiliary products: 60 percent  of investment  cost and no more than VND 05 billion/project to build infrastructure about waste treatment, traffic and electricity, water, the workshop and device purchase in the project’s fence.
- Investment projects in preserving firms of agricultural products (including dryer, radiation, disinfect, freezing, biological preservation) are granted by the state budget with 70 percent of total investment cost investment but no more than VND 02 billion/ project to build infrastructure, traffic and electricity, water, waste treatment, the workshop and purchase of device.
- In the event that agricultural processed products are certified as a national key product, the state will grant VND 03 billion to invest infrastructure.
Investment support for dairy and beef cows raising 1.  Support VND 05 billion / project to build infrastructure for waste treatment, transportation, electricity, water, workshops and equipment purchase.
2. If an enterprise imports high-yielding breeds for direct rearing or farming in association with households, the additional support shall be VND 10 million / cow.
Assisting enterprises to provide public services and invest in agricultural and rural infrastructure

1. Clean water supply projects for rural areas are supported:
- VND 3 million / m3 / day for new construction or VND 02 million / m3 / day for upgrading and consolidating clean water factory.
-  up to 50% of main pipeline costs leading to residential areas with 10 or more households.
2. Projects for collection and treatment of daily-life solid wastes; rural wastewater; collection and treatment of village waste will be supported with 60% of equipment purchase cost, construction of treatment system, with the support level not exceeding 5 billion VND / project.
3. Projects on aquaculture with the minimum size of 05 ha or more shall be entitled to VND 200 million / ha for infrastructure construction, water supply and drainage and environmental treatment. The area expansion entails an increase in support level, accordingly. The support level shall not exceed VND10 billion / project.
4. The project on building a port to serve the transport of agro-forestry -fishery products, boat anchorage areas, water-saving advanced irrigation systems and irrigation works for agricultural production shall be supported with 50% of the investment capital under projects approved by authorities. The support level shall not exceed VND 20 billion / project.
5. Enterprises investing in agriculture and rural areas with 100 or more laborers working regularly at the factory shall receive support for the construction of dwelling houses for laborers with the support level of VND1 million per square meter for IV-level house, VND 02 million/ m2 for construction of houses with 02 floors or more
6. Out-of-fence support: If outside the fence of the project, there are no roads up to grade-V for mountainous areas, electricity and water supply systems for the project, the support level is 70% of investment cost but not over VND5 billion. 
















































































2.Preferential and supportive policies for the development of industrial clusters

2.1.Incentives and support for industrial clusters
a) Investment incentives for investment projects on production and business in industrial clusters
Investments on production and business in industrial clusters shall be exempted from land rent for 7 years and enjoy other preferences as provided for by law. In case of multiple preference levels, the highest preferential level shall apply.
b) Investment incentives for industrial park infrastructure investment projects
  Investments on infrastructure business in industrial clusters shall be exempted from land rent for 11 years, be considered for the State's investment credit loans at a level not exceeding 70% of the total investment amount and enjoy other preferences under provisions of law. In case of multiple preference levels, the highest preferential level shall apply.
  Technical infrastructure projects of industrial clusters are considered for investment in the form of public-private partnerships.

2.2. Encouraging and supporting the craft village cluster

a) Investment projects on production and business in craft village clusters shall be exempted from land rent for 11 years and considered for the State's investment credit loans up t0  70% of the total investment;
b) Investment projects on industrial-technical infrastructure investment are exempt from land rent for 15 years, and considered for the State's credit capital loan of up to 70% of the total investment capital.
c) Investment support:
- Local budgets shall support the relocation of enterprises, cooperatives, family households, and individuals in craft villages into industrial clusters of craft villages; the specific support levels shall be decided by the provincial-level People's Committees;
- The central and local budgets shall consider and prioritize supports for investment in the construction of technical infrastructure of craft village groups.

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